If you are interested in partnering with Cross Trade to provide hope for those in Brazil you can find out more information here. Great for church events, fundraisers, parties, retail/fair trade boutiques, and much more.

Partner Program:

1 - We provide our best sellers as well as your selected pieces along with the artisans stories for your store/event.

2 - All items will be delivered to your location at least one week prior to event or designated time.

3 - All items are provided to you at our cost price so that you can make the most for your store/organization.

4 - We provide product displays, point of sell card reader, and transactional materials, so all you have to do is show up and set up.

5 - We believe in creating opportunities for our artisans, so what doesn't sell we will buy back and pay for shipping (displays, card reader, materials shipped as well).

Become a Cross Trade Partner today! Call us at (828) 268-2884 or email at contact@crosstrade.org.